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I have created my web site using Drupal, I am amazed at how fast my page came to the top of Googel! I spend my spare time updating my web page and can even see who is visiting my page (IP addresses) including spammers, which Drupal automatically blocks, this technology is in!

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Southern CAlifornia Linux Expo (SCALE)

Linux Penguin Tux

Technology is an addition to my other passion, it has helped me create and update my new web site ...

I am in attendance at #SCALE13x the Southern CAlifornia Linux Expo here in Los Angeles.

I learned to install CentOS 7 today on to my laptop.

Technology, get it! It is in!

Update: I attended the 2016 SCALE, I got to update & enhancing my skills!

Drupal core 8 is being released May 4th, 2016...

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